We agricultural company engaged in protected agriculture and convertible since 2000

Since that date, we Come a long way in the development of our farms, whether owned or leased, and also challenged the difficulties in the field of agriculture and our attempt Avenue in reducing the use of pesticides through induced resistance of the plant, which led to impressive results in the production of vegetables free of pesticides,

as well as specialty team of us in the field of packaging and sorting until we got the extent of competition

The last team to market our products through many channels, and the easiest and safe shipping routes and hooked up to a point in the world

Produce the following agricultural products without pesticides as well as the reduction of pesticides allowed as follow:

Green Beans   (Hama, Polista…….) around the year

Cucumber    (Summer, Winter, Spring )

Capsicum (Red, Yellow, Orange, White )

Chilli Pepper    very Hot, Normal Green & red

Spring Onion   Green Onion

Onion Red & White

Sweet Potato   (Red & White)


Peanuts  Aranish 1st clss& 2nd class

Citrus (Orange, Lemon& Mandarin)



Pomegranate  Wonderful